Course curriculum

A 24 Month Internationally Certified Shamanic Training to journey around the medicine wheel, immersing yourself in teachings of Womb Shamanism, Sacred Sexuality, Earth Based Sensuality, Womb and Yoni Awakening, Feminine Leadership Skills and Entrepreneurship Building Skills. This training will empower you to shed the identities no longer serving you, release the ancestral and karmic stories preventing you from writing a new destiny, claim the gifts and nectar from your life experiences, and step into your place of becoming as a voice of the Divine Feminine, and oracle of the Womb at this time in history. It’s time to embody the change that you wish to see in the world and own your authentic expression. The theme of the medicine wheel journey is awakening the eight grail gates of the womb and yoni. Why the Womb? The womb holds the key on a physical and energetic level. It is the creative space whose energy needs to be awake and flowing for us to experience full health, vitality, wellbeing and to live our destiny. The womb and hara is a creative birthing gateway of consciousness that allows us to return to our pre-trauma state of original primordial intelligence and innocence, to experience union with the web of life, and with source.

  • 1

    Taster - Free Webinar Goddess Guide to Great Sex and Sexual Fulfilment with Womb Mapping Exercise

  • 2

    Welcome to Sacred Feminine Medicine Wheel!

    • Welcome Message
    • PLEASE READ: Preparation
    • How This Course Works Video Lesson
  • 3

    The Heroine’s Journey + Separation from the Feminine

    • Module One Manual
    • Module One - Video Lesson Part One
    • Module One - Video Lesson Part Two
    • Module One Practices
    • SFMW Sharing Circle - Descending into the Root
  • 4

    Healing your Core Wound Imprint + Discovering your Life Vision

    • Module Two Introduction Video
    • Module Two Manual
    • Opening Cacao Ceremony + Rejection of the Feminine Forgiveness Process
    • Module Two Practices
    • Womb Conception Ceremony
    • Core Wounds Mandala + 3 Card Story
    • Little Death Meditation Explained
    • Listening to Yoni - Daily Practice
    • Discovering Your Life and Business Vision
    • Discovering Your Life and Business Vision
    • SFMW Sharing Circle Call 2nd April
    • Assignment Module One and Module Two
  • 5

    Shamanic Rebirthing Process: Womb Air

    • Coming Soon - 29th April
  • 6

    Shamanic Rebirthing Process: Womb Water

    • Coming Soon - 29th May
  • 7

    Shamanic Rebirthing Process: Womb Fire

    • Coming Soon - 29th June
  • 8

    Shamanic Rebirthing Process: Womb Earth

    • Coming Soon - 29th July
  • 9

    Initiation and Descent to the Goddess

    • Coming Soon - 29th August
  • 10

    Expressing your primal voice of the Womb

    • Coming Soon - 29th September
  • 11

    The role of the White Goddess and Good Girl

    • Coming Soon - 29th October
  • 12

    Awakening the Wild Magdalene Womb

    • Coming Soon - 29th November
  • 13

    Uniting the Red and White Rivers of Shakti

    • Coming Soon - 29th December
  • 14

    SEX: Sacred Energy Exchange

    • Coming Soon - 29th January 2021
  • 15

    Healing the Mother/Daughter Split

    • Coming Soon - 29th February 2021
  • 16

    Healing the Wounded Masculine

    • Coming Soon - 29th March 2021
  • 17

    Integration of the Masculine and Feminine

    • Coming Soon - 29th April 2021
  • 18

    The Wounds of Love and Sacred Union Alchemy

    • Coming Soon - 29th May 2021
  • 19

    Birthing your unique flavour of the Sacred Feminine

    • Coming Soon - 29th June 2021
  • 20

    Mystery Month

    • Coming Soon - 29th July 2021
  • 21

    Sexual Awakening Rites of Passage

    • Coming Soon - 29th August 2021
  • 22

    The Maiden Grail Gate : Clitoris/Yoni Lips

    • Coming Soon - 29th September 2021
  • 23

    The Mother Grail Gate : G-Spot

    • Coming Soon - 29th October 2021
  • 24

    The Crone Grail Gate : Cervix

    • Coming Soon - 29th November 2021
  • 25

    The Womb Earth and Fire Grail Gates: Floor of the Womb and Right Ovary

    • Coming Soon - 29th December 2021
  • 26

    The Womb Water and Womb Air Grail Gates and the Cosmic Womb: Ceiling of the Womb, Left Ovary and Centre of the Womb

    • Coming Soon - 29th January 2021